TMJ and herbst appliance...questions?

Answer If you have or think you have a TMJ issue then your first priority has to be to confirm the diagnosis.So find yourself a dentist that has an interest in TMJ problems and start at that point. You ne... Read More »

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Are there Ways to get used to a herbst appliance?

i have a herbst appliance in my mouth right now.I got it tightened and I have four ulcers in my mouth,but that was just because the assistant put in legs that were too long.The appliance hurts for ... Read More »

Who is Rebecca Herbst married to?

Rebecca Herbst, a TV actress who has a longstanding part on the soap opera “General Hospital” as Elizabeth Webber, is married to actor Michael Saucedo, who she met on the set of “General Hosp... Read More »

How do teenagers with Down syndrome cope with a Herbst appliance?

It will take a few days. Be sure to monitor what the patient eats. Sticky and schewy stuff and suckers should be avoided. Speaking and eating will be a problem for a few days, but after a short adj... Read More »