THIS IS FOR FEMALES ONLY,,,,,do you like men that are hairy like on the legs,chest.......?

Answer I'm male but:1. My wife loves that I'm hairy. She says it makes me seem more manly.2. My sister-in-law hates hair on men. She doesn't like rubbing against them, as she's intentionally removed her h... Read More »

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Do you like hairy men?

nope be yuorself and not what someone else wants you to be

What to do about hairy forehead?

Dont listen to Max..if u shave it, it will grow back faster, thicker, and darker. Use Wax strips that you can buy at places like cvs .. try to stay away from hair removal creams, cause those crea... Read More »

Shaved vs Hairy (pic)?

Obviously you have to shave it now, but you should grow it out later! :)

Why are some vadgetables hairy?

i always shave my vadgetables when i know its about to be eaten. its just thoughtful for all the visitors