THIS IS FOR ALL THE WOMEN! I would like to know honest answers...?

Answer i hate my boobs..serious i hate that they're they're there...i cant stand them..they are a D40 and i with i could remove them lol...I also hate my feet they are icky and like i stand on them all th... Read More »

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Would you eat at a West African restaurant (e.g. Ghanaian, Nigerian etc) Honest answers please?

Hell yeah, Africa is the origin of the soul food method of cooking, how could the food not be good.

I would like to know if this power supply and this graphics card are compatible.?

You'll be happy to know, that PSU is well and truly enough to support that graphics card, almost too much. It doesn't hurt to have a bit of extra power though, for upgrading, that type of thing. T... Read More »

I would like to know My Seventeen year old daughter dresses like this?

Canon 400D you would like to buy a canon 300mm f 4 LIS lens canon1.4 x extender you would like to know if you could use this lens for your camera and its cost?

Once you have a digital camera and a compatible memory chip, you can take almost countless pictures for no additional expense. As the memory chip fills up, you can upload it to a computer and then ... Read More »