THIS IS FOR ALL THE WOMEN! I would like to know honest answers...?

Answer i hate my boobs..serious i hate that they're they're there...i cant stand them..they are a D40 and i with i could remove them lol...I also hate my feet they are icky and like i stand on them all th... Read More »

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Do you think I'm pretty Honest answers only?

You are honestly really pretty! You have nice eyes and you suit glasses. You should try doing something fancy with your hair sometime because that would make you even prettier and I'm sure your cru... Read More »

Guys i need some honest answers please!?

If he's so shallow that that's a major hang-up, then you shouldn't care if he's no longer interested. You'll obviously be THAT much MORE attractive after you get the braces off, and if he can't w... Read More »

Do you think i am overweight (honest answers please)?

you need to gain some weight. I would think that at 126lbs and nearly 6 feet tall, you need to be at least 20 lbs heavierplease talk to your parents and go to a doctor

Is she beautiful Honest answers?

Yes!! I love her look. Very sophisticated. Beautiful smile!!