TH family only, your opinion?

Answer I'm using it!lol It's a really good site for learning languages.They have tests that you do and quizzes.Like one time they'll have somebody speak a sentence and then you'll have to match it up with... Read More »

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TH Family: Your opinion of this video + my questionLOL?

omg i loved that video! i favorited it! Bill looks so gorgeous and hot!-agreed,Bill didn't mess up,actually,Tom did,like after the bridge before the last chorus,he did the wrong note,but it doesn't... Read More »

Tokio Hotel Family: What is your honest opinion of Chantelle?

Don't like her.And it isn't because I'm *jealous* (I prefer Bill), it's just she's so..blah.Only reason Tom likes her is because of those fake double D's and those jeans she can fill pretty well..A... Read More »

What should you do if you're family is falling apart and you're only 14 and pregnant and your family will kill you if you tell them?

Answer The ideal choice would be for the young lady to seek the aid of a teacher, counselor or other trusted adult to aid her in informing her family. If that is not possible the following organiza... Read More »

TH Family ONLY who's Your Favourite Twin?