TH Family: Their popularity:(?

Answer Aww my poor babies! First the poor sales of Humanoid, now this!I think that if they only had 2 concerts in each country and had better promotion, then it wouldn't be like this. Also if they did it ... Read More »

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What can we do for popularity bullying?

The best thing is to just stand up for yourself, and show them you're hurt by this. But not too much! they want to bring you down. If it doesn't work. talk to an adult you trust for help, even if y... Read More »

How to Be a Miss Popularity?

So you see her walking down the hall. and you know that you want to be her. or at least one of her friends.


How to Be Miss Popularity?

You see her strutting down the middle of the hall. Her two minions edging people out of the way. All the boys cooing, all the girls jealous, and you just stand there wishing it were you. This is a ... Read More »