TH Family: Is this Question the most Starred one of TH?

Answer I remember that question as well! & aww it's sad to see all the people that left :(okayy SURVEYY TIME! :DEye Color: brownHair Color: blackHeight: 5'0 LOL :PRight or Left Handed: rightYour Weakness:... Read More »

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What does it mean when a question is starred?

It depends on the question and who answers it. If that person liked the question, found it of great intrest to them or thought provoking for them and others they will give it a star.However saying ... Read More »

Tokio Hotel Family: Question bout the TH Family?

I agree. There are probably about 200 hundred different "Tokio Hotel Family" users on Answers, but only twenty or thirty people contribute regularly by asking and answering questions. I can recogni... Read More »

Question to ask at the family reunion?

If you have sent out invitations for a family reunion and have not received replies then phone or email each person who has not replied. Etiquette these days seems to have disappeared and often pe... Read More »

A question for our MJ family~Has there been a time...?

lmao!! I wrapped up a star and sent it your way! And yes his music does help me a lot!!