TH FAMILY! wat did u think the new album was gonna be like before you heard the leaked songs?

Answer i thought it would be a tad more harder (the music)+ i think they leaked the songs for us to know what the new album was going too be like , if anyone liked it or not?+ another question, why did GE... Read More »

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[TH FANS/FAMILY!] Do you really like the leaked songs..?

I haven't been abe to hear it yet!!!Every time I click on a youtube video it says that it's been removed by the user!But I don't believe that it's them.(I haven't heard it yet though.)The reason wh... Read More »

TH Family!! Guess what the new TH songs got leaked!!!?

Haha I guess you were gone for awhile.I heard about that like a few weeks ago.lolBut yeah they sound really good.They grew on me,I didn't really like them at the beginning but now I really like the... Read More »

TH(Family!)More leaked songs....I'm so dissapointed?

Ah! I dont understand why people are getting so worked up over the fact that it's about sex.People have to understand that these boys are no longer 7 year old's who run away from girls because they... Read More »

Tokio Hotel Family! LEAKED SONGS!?

Woah. Ive listened to these songs over and over again. People are questoning though wether it is really them or not?If it is them; then wow. They have changed sooo much; there voice sounds all stud... Read More »