TCS Classroom Ideas?

Answer Sir Ken Robinson stated in a 2006 presentation to TED Talks that, "Life is not linear; it's organic." Decisions must be made without the fear of failure or punishment. Sarah Fitz-Claridge, one of t... Read More »

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Classroom Set-Up Ideas?

It's the first day of school. Students enter a classroom and look around for some sign of assurance. The way a classroom is set up can either make students feel at ease and at home, or it can make ... Read More »

Classroom Integration Ideas?

Educators have many options when wanting to integrate new learning ideas and techniques into their classrooms. Upon beginning this often lengthy process, it is necessary to first establish what are... Read More »

Frog Ideas for the Classroom?

Children are often captivated by animals; build on this fascination by teaching them about animals, helping to develop an appreciation for and understanding of different species. If you're teaching... Read More »

Classroom Ideas With Bees?

Inspire students with a classroom showcasing bees as one of the world's most beneficial creatures by creating a setting the replicates different types of bees along with plants and trees seen in na... Read More »