System restore related issue. Please I beg you, help! Thanks!?

Answer So the System Restore feature in windows won't work? yes this sometimes happens when it fails to restore the computer to an earlier time. Umm..exactly what do you mean by it keeps on showing all me... Read More »

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Basic div related html issue?

Post your code here so that identifying the problem can become easier.From what i can understand, you probably missed a closing tag or you haven't used the position correctly.

Is there is any political issue related with nikon digitaal camera?

It depends on the type of problem you're trying to fix. Some parts cost more than others. In some cases it won't make sense to fix but rather to get a new camera.

My laptop which is just 6month's old used to system restore but the last 3times i have tried it won't restore?

Although we could go back and forth gathering details required to resolve your issue, I noticed one key piece of information...your laptop is ONLY 6 months old.Even if you did not purchase an exten... Read More »

Can"System Restore"be used to restore a program that was accidentally uninstalled?

The Windows System Restore utility will not restore an application that you have previously uninstalled or deleted. You should reinstall the software using the program's installation CD or a downlo... Read More »