System Requirements for "Civilization V" With an Intel Core i3?

Answer "Civilization V" is a single/multi-player strategy game released for the personal computer in September 2010. The game requirements are higher than the average PC game but the dual core, Intel Core... Read More »

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Intel Core i3 Vs Intel Dual Core Vs Core Quad Vs Centrino 2 ?

Well, your 4th need should be your priority, since EVERYTHING else can be done with a relatively slow single core processor. When it comes to gaming however, you need a fast processor and a good s... Read More »

3.33GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or 2.66GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5?

the i5 is a good cpu, but running on the x55 motherboard, it will be obsolete soon. the x55 won't be able to upgrade to the i9 cpu which will be released soon, but if you're not the type to upgrade... Read More »

Is intel pentium 4 compatible with intel core 2 duo?

The Pentium 4 and Intel Core 2 Duo are completely separate computer processors and cannot be used together. The Core 2 Duo uses a dual core architecture, while the Pentium 4 has a single core. Beca... Read More »

Wats the difference between core 2 duo and dual core intel processors... which the best for a laptop with 3gb?

The difference between Core 2 Duo and Core Duo (Dual Core)Dual core is simply a generic term referring to any processor package with two physical CPUs in one.The Pentium D is simply two Pentium 4 P... Read More »