Question text help?

Answer Yeah this is a system generated by verizon ... my daughter has them I have t-mobile & everytime she sends me a pic msg I get the same msg. Just delete no worries on those msgs. My son works 4 t-mob... Read More »

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I want to copy text of scanned images to the below plain text gow to do it please help me?

Some scanners (like used by me Hp G4010) has a special software called OCR (Optical character Recognition). this software converts your scanned documents to plain text documents. Check on your manu... Read More »

Boyfriend Text help plzzz?

I think it's always better to talk to someone of that much importance to you through something other than a text, say, maybe the actual phone line. But by the sounds of it, it sounds like you guys... Read More »

After Effects: Text Animation Help?

Don't confuse yourself mate,you have to set a keyframe of the position and rotation of the text layer at the last when you want the text should stop animating..!!I suggest you to se some tutorials.... Read More »

Peace sign in text.. help please?

☮unfortunately it does not work on all browsers.[ do not copy the plus signs, just add all the things together ]& + # + x + 2 + 6 + 2 + E + ;now put all of them together & you get this ☮:]