Synthetic Vs. Hybrid Motor Oil?

Answer Full synthetics are undoubtedly superior to conventional oils, but are far more expensive. Hybrid conventional/synthetic oils can help to bridge the gap, but tend to fall a bit short of full synthe... Read More »

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How Does Synthetic Motor Oil Differ From Standard Motor Oil?

Fashion has that "comes around-goes around" principle---that every good style comes back eventually. But traditional shearling coats really never go out of style. Since they are a substantial inves... Read More »

Synthetic Vs. Synthetic Blend Motor Oil?

Synthetic motor oil and synthetic blend motor oil are two different types of motor oil. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and it pays to research which will best suit your automobile.

Synthetic Motor Oil Vs. Marine Motor Oil?

Synthetic motor is made oil for use in cars and marine vessels. Marine engine design varies from automobile engine design, as does the oil each use. Open water subjects marine engines to unique str... Read More »

Facts on Synthetic Motor Oil?

Synthetic motor oil is not made from crude oil but is composed of raw materials including methane, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Synthetic motor oil is used as an alternative to conventional ... Read More »