Synthetic Oil Vs. Conventional Oil?

Answer When you go to the automotive store or an oil changing service, they ask you what kind of oil and what weight you use. To most of us, this is a confusing question because we really don't understand... Read More »

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Synthetic Vs. Conventional Oils?

The topic of many automotive-related debates focuses on synthetic oils versus conventional oils. It has been a hot topic since the 1970s when synthetic oil was first introduced. Meanwhile, the chem... Read More »

Can You Use Synthetic Oil in a Car That Has Used Conventional Oil?

Switching the oil in a car from conventional oil to synthetic oil is a safe practice. While there used to be some concerns with making this change, the problems have been corrected.

How to Change Between Conventional Oil & Synthetic?

Synthetic oil has man-made additives that make it more fuel efficient and more stable in extreme high and low air temperatures. You can drive a vehicle with synthetic oil an estimated 5,000 to 7,00... Read More »

How to Mix Synthetic & Conventional Motor Oils?

Oil companies distill conventional motor oil from naturally occurring crude oil found underground. The same companies engineer synthetic oil in a laboratory and mass produce it. While synthetic oil... Read More »