Synthetic Oil Myths?

Answer Motor oil is an important component of a working engine; it effectively lubricates moving parts within the engine to prevent wear in metal parts. Synthetic motor oils have become a popular alternat... Read More »

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Myths About Synthetic Motor Oil?

Motor oil is an extremely important engine lubricant. The use of synthetic oils can offer fuel efficiency and longer oil change intervals. Since the conception of synthetics, rumors and myths have ... Read More »

Synthetic Vs. Synthetic Blend Motor Oil?

Synthetic motor oil and synthetic blend motor oil are two different types of motor oil. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and it pays to research which will best suit your automobile.

Sex and sexual myths -- what did you believe?

My thoughts (T/F):1. F2. F, everyone is different.3. T, on average4. T5. F, not necessarily6. F, both can be7. T8. F, i know some that do9. F, most through masturbation (i've heard)10. F, ... Read More »

What are the top 10 adoption myths?

10. That only bitter, angry adoptees want to search (many are bitter and angry because their records are sealed, not because they don't love their adoptive parents.)9. That finding out the truth is... Read More »