Synonyms for a Bilge?

Answer A bilge is the rounded, bottom part of a boat's hull. Dirty water -- bilge water -- collects in this recess. Consequently, "bilge" has developed a connotative association with dirtiness. Depending ... Read More »

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What Is a Bilge?

The bilge is the lowest compartment on a ship. Not only does this vital compartment store waste and leaking fluids, but it also serves a vital dynamic function.

Purpose of a Bilge Blower?

The bilge of a boat is its lowest section, where the starboard and port sides of the boat meet deep beneath the water. A bilge blower, often called an engine blower, is a fan that ventilates the bi... Read More »

What Is a Bilge Blower?

Bilge blowers are mandatory pieces of equipment for boats with motors mounted within the hull. They rid the engine compartment of potentially dangerous fuel vapor.

How to Install a Bilge Blower?

The bilge area in the engine compartment can be one of the most dangerous locations on a marine vessel. If not properly ventilated, the bilge can build up harmful combustion vapors and spontaneousl... Read More »