Sync your iPhone with data to a new comptuer?

Answer No. Yes.No, you can't upgrade it to be an iPhone 3gs because they are physically different. That is, the actual hardware is different.Yes, you can in that you can in that you can upgrade to the new... Read More »

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How to Sync Movies Without Erasing the Data From the iPhone?

Apple iPhones sync with iTunes automatically whenever the device is connected to a computer. This can be troublesome if you want to sync content from a computer that you do not regularly sync to be... Read More »

How do you sync iphone on some one elses mac and then update without losing data?

In America it isn't any more. I don't think it ever was in Ireland. How can it be when piracy control by internet providers is illegal here!! lol :P

You put an application on your itunes and tried to sync it in your iPhone 3G but it wont work an error pops up after trying to sync it?

Depending on the country that you are in, the amount that you will pay to upgrade your handset will vary. You will need to contact your service provider if you purchased or are purchasing the new i... Read More »

How to use an iPhone SIM wih unlimited data plan included in a Sierra Wireless AirCard 875 or any other GSM data card?