Sync all iPod music files to iPhone 4?

Answer phone c3

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Why when I sync my iPod it says some of my music is not being copied to my iPod?

There's a number of sensibilities on that actually. The fact that you deleted some music is defiantly a factor that could count, or simply just moving the music around. Sometimes when I move around... Read More »

How to Sync Files to an iPod?

Most people use their iPods to listen to hundreds--or thousands--of their favorite songs. Now, iPods can be used to store pictures, watch movies, play games or even "listen" to incoming text messag... Read More »

How to Sync Office Files From a Mac to an iPhone?

Apple has made the iPhone capable of opening and reading Microsoft Office products like Word and Excel. The problem, though, is being able to access the files you need while on the go, since the i... Read More »

Can you use Rhapsody to sync music to an iPod?

Rhapsody music service software can sync music that you've purchased from Rhapsody onto your iPod. You must set your iPod to "Enable disc use" in iTunes to do so. Streaming or subscription download... Read More »