Symptoms of an Iced Fuel Line?

Answer Winter means more than waiting for the car to heat up before driving it. The season of winter can cause a slew of problems for car owners, including a frozen fuel line. Fortunately, looking for som... Read More »

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Clogged Fuel Line Symptoms?

A fuel line is a hose placed in the engine of an automobile or other vehicle. It controls and regulate the flow of liquid fuel or fuel vapor. Typically, a fuel line, an integral part of the fuel sy... Read More »

Symptoms of a Fuel Line Freeze Up?

In the winter, your car's fuel line can freeze up very easily. This usually happens when the gas level is below half a tank. When your gas tank fills with air, the moisture in that air can freeze i... Read More »

Differences Between a Marine Fuel Line & Auto Fuel Line?

Marine and automobile engines go through different stresses and are therefore not designed identically. The fuel lines in a boat engine have to operate in enclosed, moist conditions different from ... Read More »

How to Disconnect the Fuel Intake and Fuel Line for Ford Engines?

Modern Ford engines use special connectors to hold the fuel lines together. These connectors can be undone only with the use of a quick disconnect tool. These tools can be found in most automotive... Read More »