Symptoms of a Bad Torque Converter?

Answer The torque converter is a fluid coupling that transfers power produced by the engine to the transmission above 500 to 800 RPM. These couplers allow your car to idle without driver input, and most ... Read More »

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Faulty Torque Converter Symptoms?

The torque converter in many ways is what allows the modern automatic transmission to run. It transfers rotating power from the vehicle's engine to a rotating driven load taking the place of a stan... Read More »

Symptoms of a Bad, Sluggish Torque Converter?

The torque converter in your car or truck sits converts rotating force to the transmission and the drive wheels. It does this with a propeller that pumps transmission fluid against the impeller bla... Read More »

Symptoms of Failure in a Transmission Torque Converter?

When you step on the clutch pedal of a manual transmission car to shift into gear, the clutch disconnects the transmission from the car's engine. In an automatic transmission vehicle, a transmissio... Read More »

Signs & Symptoms of a Torque Converter Clutch Malfunction?

The torque converter in your vehicle is essentially the piece of equipment that allows power from your engine to be transferred to your transmission and drive train. Problems with your torque conve... Read More »