Symptoms of a Bad GM Fuel Injector?

Answer In order to run efficiently, your GM vehicle needs a proper ratio of fuel and oxygen for combustion. The fuel injector feeds fuel to the engine for this process. A number of problems can occur with... Read More »

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Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Injector?

A bad fuel injector won't cause a car to break down, but it can create several performance problems and damage the fuel filter, pump, regulator and distributor, resulting in a need for costly repai... Read More »

Signs & Symptoms of a Leaky Fuel Injector?

Fuel injectors are more than simple nozzles used to spray gas into your engine. Injectors use a very fine needle and seat valve to meter fuel; if that needle valve gets bent or something goes wrong... Read More »

Bad Fuel Injector Symptoms on a 1994 Infiniti Q45?

In many ways, the Q45 defined Infiniti as a brand. Produced by Nissan and based on the Japanese-market President sedan, the Q45 was a V-8, rear-drive Hail Mary into the American import scene. While... Read More »

DIY Fuel Injector?

Fuel injected automobiles have no carburetor. The fuel injector system is much more efficient because it sprays a metered amount of fuel directly into the cylinders. The design of the fuel injector... Read More »