Symptoms of a Bad Automatic Transmission Oil Pump?

Answer The transmission provides power in stages to the wheels. This device, located at the back of the vehicle, works when you shift the gear knob. The transmission makes sure that the right power is pro... Read More »

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Symptoms of Automatic Transmission Failure?

Complete automatic transmission failure is obvious because the car will not move at all when shifted into forward or reverse. Usually the symptoms of impending automatic transmission failure are no... Read More »

The Symptoms of an Overfilled Ford Automatic Transmission?

Overflowing the automatic transmission in your Ford automobile can aggravate design flaws in your vehicle's components. Symptoms associated with an overflowed transmission can vary from diminished ... Read More »

Jeep Cherokee Automatic Transmission Symptoms?

Jeep Cherokees are rugged and reliable vehicles capable of racking up thousands of miles with no complaints. The years and miles can take a toll on any automatic transmission, and towing demands or... Read More »

How to Drain an Automatic Transmission Using a Vacuum Pump?

In 1904, the Sturtevant brothers invented the first automatic transmission. This first attempt at automating transmission shifts used two centrifugal weights to engage and disengage each gear of th... Read More »