Symptoms of Clutch Problems?

Answer People who have a car with a manual transmission usually like the control over power and acceleration they get on the open road. But along with the advantages of manual shifting comes the potential... Read More »

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Fan Clutch Symptoms?

Used as a coupling device between the water pump shaft and the fan, the fan clutch is designed to improve the efficiency of the cooling fan, saving energy and reducing noise. A clutch allows the fa... Read More »

Clutch Cable Symptoms?

Your vehicle's clutch system shift gears without causing damage to the engine. There are several components of the clutch system, such as the clutch cable, that keep it working properly. The clutch... Read More »

Signs & Symptoms of Fan Clutch Failure?

To prevent damage from the heat created by internal combustion, automobile manufactures fit vehicles with a cooling system that uses a fluid to pull the heat from the engine; the fluid is then to a... Read More »

Honda Accord Bad Clutch Symptoms?

The Honda Accord ranked number five out of a list of 21 affordable mid-sized cars by U.S. News Rankings & Reviews for 2010. It is known as an economical, reliable automobile, with Honda providing a... Read More »