Symptoms of CV Joint Repair Needed for a Car?

Answer There are several symptoms of CV joint repair needed for a car. Any one of these symptoms mean that the repair should take place as soon as possible. If the CV joint breaks, you will lose steering ... Read More »

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Car CV Joint Symptoms?

Constant-velocity or CV joints allow a rotating shaft on an automobile to transfer energy without increasing friction. This allows components to operate smoothly without excessive wear and tear. Wh... Read More »

Bad U Joint Symptoms?

A universal joint (U joint), is a coupling that connects two rigid rotating shafts in order to allow those shafts to continue to rotate at an angle. A perfect coupling would be able to spin the sha... Read More »

What Are the Symptoms of a Broken CV Joint?

A CV or constant velocity joint is a joint that connects a vehicle's transmission to the drive wheels of a car. The joint is called constant velocity because it is able to maintain the same speed e... Read More »

Symptoms of a Bad CV Joint on a 1994 Dodge Spirit?

The 1994 Dodge Spirit features an in-line four-cylinder engine and front-wheel drive control in a four-door vehicle. The drive wheels on the car each has a CV joint that connects the wheels to the ... Read More »