Symptoms Your A/C Unit Has Too Much Freon?

Answer An air conditioning unit is charged with a refrigerant. Freon is the term most commonly used for the refrigerant on an A/C system. Freon, or R12, was used until the 1990's but was discontinued beca... Read More »

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How much freon does a 3-ton A/C unit hold?

In order for the coils in an air conditioner to get cold, it uses freon. An A/C unit holds approximately 3 pounds of freon per ton, so a 3-ton unit would hold about 9 pounds of

How do you find a freon leak in your home air unit?

A little oil will escape with the refrigerant. Look for a blackish oily stain on the tubing. A service tech might use electronic sniffing equipment.

Is freon in an a/c unit bad for you?

On One Hand: Limited EffectsIn most cases, freon has a limited effect on one's health. Freon is a refrigeration compound comprised of chemicals such as: carbon, hydrogen, chlorine and fluorine. Air... Read More »

How to Put Freon in a Cooling Unit?

Nothing can be more frustrating than having to endure a hot passenger cabin when the outside air reads in the triple digits. Vehicle AC systems use freon to produce cool vent air from your dashboar... Read More »