Symmetry Math Lessons?

Answer An object with symmetry has two equal halves when reflected across a straight line. Teaching basic symmetry to students is important to establish more advanced math and geometry concepts. Knowledge... Read More »

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Symmetry Math Games?

Symmetry is an important concept in math, science and art. When objects have line symmetry, the two halves of the item are identical and will match exactly if you fold the object in half. The conce... Read More »

Elementary School Math Activities On Symmetry?

Objects with symmetry have two congruent (identical shape and size) sides. These objects have a line of symmetry, where for every point on one side of the line there is a corresponding point on the... Read More »

Middle School Math Activities on Symmetry?

When an image has two sections that mirror each other, the image has symmetry. One could draw a line between the two portions, and both sides would look identical. Symmetry is an important concept ... Read More »

Interactive Math Symmetry Activities for Young Kids?

The idea of symmetry seems so basic that it is hard to remember that young children need to learn what it is and how to recognize it. This visual and conceptual skill becomes an important foundatio... Read More »