Symmetry Activities for 3rd Grade?

Answer Most state's third-grade math standards require students to identify symmetrical shapes and show or draw lines of symmetry. Teachers should employ a multimodal approach to introducing this concept,... Read More »

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Symmetry Activities for Kids?

The study of symmetry, the form of a shape that is exactly balanced in size and shape on either side of a dividing line, is a foundational part of our natural and mathematical world. In both man-ma... Read More »

Symmetry Activities for Children?

Symmetry "is an integral component connecting mathematics to the real world," according to the Symmetry Inquiry website. Although symmetry is just a small part of geometry, it provides youngsters w... Read More »

Hands-on Science Projects for the Fourth Grade on Fossil Symmetry?

Fourth-grade students spend a great deal of time studying the formation of fossils in science. One of the observations students make about fossils is whether they are always symmetrical, or equal o... Read More »

Middle School Math Activities on Symmetry?

When an image has two sections that mirror each other, the image has symmetry. One could draw a line between the two portions, and both sides would look identical. Symmetry is an important concept ... Read More »