Symmetrical Pumpkin Paper Crafts?

Answer First-grade students learn introductory symmetry and second-, third- and fourth-grades build on that concept while learning more advanced areas of the concept. You can explain the concept by descri... Read More »

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How to Make a Symmetrical Paper Heart?

Some of us have a hard time making a heart. It is hard to draw a heart that looks even on both sides. One side may appear larger than the other or the tip may not be centered. Once you master these... Read More »

3-D Pumpkin Crafts?

Pumpkins are a classic symbol of the autumn season and Halloween. Whether you want to decorate your home for fall, create spooky party decorations or simply entertain kids with an art project, choo... Read More »

How to Carve Pumpkin Crafts?

Pumpkins carved to make lanterns were associated with the harvest season long before they came to represent Halloween. The jack-o'-lantern is a pumpkin carved to look like a face, then lit from ins... Read More »

Pumpkin Country Wooden Crafts?

Decorate your home with wooden pumpkin crafts for a rustic, country-inspired style. If you are handy with a saw, make your own pumpkin shapes using plywood. You can also buy the pre-cut shapes from... Read More »