Symbolism of Roman Columns?

Answer Roman columns were a major component of Roman architecture. As with Doric and Ionic columns, the original design was Greek; the Romans adopted the styles for their own use. Subsequently, the Corint... Read More »

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The Symbolism Behind Animals in Roman Life & Art?

The relationship between animals in Roman life and art was long and tenured. From the advent of the mythology surrounding the birth and rearing of Romulus and Remus (the two twin progenitors of the... Read More »

The History of Roman Columns?

The columns we see on many buildings today were first built by the Dorians in Ancient Greece in 7th century B.C. The Romans later adapted the same columns and added their own special touches, accor... Read More »

How to Replace Interior Greek Columns With Square Columns?

Interior columns are typically architectural details rather than structural support, unlike exterior columns. Greek column designs, including Doric, Corinthian and ionic, are commonly preferred for... Read More »

What is the symbolism of frankincense?

Frankincense, also known as olibanum, is a fragrant tree resin that is used in incense and perfumes. Frankincense trees grow in Oman, Yemen and Somalia. It has been traded throughout the Middle Eas... Read More »