Symbol next to 3g on your my touch?

Answer Press the icon and hold for approx. 2-3 seconds. When the icons begin to "shake" then you will be able to move them around. When re arranging is complete just press the "home" button.

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If you take off your symbol for a while not for too long will your tail come if you touch water?

You can wear a symbol or not and will never become a mermaid. Mermaids are not real and people can not change into mermaids. It is physically impossible for people to change shapes. Take your symbo... Read More »

What does this symbol mean on your iPhone it looks like a telephone with somethin like a keyboard unddrr it it is right next to the battery life?

The TTY option is turned on. you can turn it off in the setting>phone>TTY

What is the symbol with the phone next to the battery mean on the iPhone 3g?

The symbol with the phone next the battery icon on the iPhone is the iPhone's symbol for teletype, or TTY, machines. When the symbol is displayed, it means that the feature is active on the iPhone ... Read More »

When i press shift+2 i get the @ symbol instead of the" symbol. how can i correct this?

My computer has both keyboard mappings, the US English one gives the @ when SHIFT-2 is pressed, whereas the French Canadian setting gives "Go to Start->Control Panel->(classic mode)->Regional Setti... Read More »