Swollen roof of mouth?

Answer I don't know, but you should be seeing a dentist for this, not a physician. Make an appointment ASAP.

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Roof of mouth been swollen for months I don't know what to do?

It may be an abscess. If you had the swelling pop and a bad taste it for sure is. See your dentist ASAP

I bit the inside of my mouth and it get swollen?

try swishing hydrogen peroxide around in your mouth for a few minutes, this always helps. do not swallow

Swollen gum in the back of mouth?

is this behind your last tooth? or on the side (below) a toothIt could be a couple of different things 1) wisdom tooth coming in. Which could cause the gum to swell up and be really sore....inten... Read More »

Bee sting in dogs mouth and swollen up what can i do?

Call a vet and ask if its OK to give a little anti histamine (sorry about the spelling)