Swollen red lump that's hot to the touch?

Answer It could be an infected bite, boil, or abscess. Also a possibility you've hit it somehow and not realised.Might be worth getting it checked by your GP.

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Swollen lump on neck for months Please help?

Do not worry about it. Even without the tests, ultrasounds and xrays, I can tell it's just an inflamed lymph node. These can persist for several months after the initial infection (cold). I had a m... Read More »

Lump on neck, possible to have just one swollen gland?

You have oral infective pathology and you need proper antibiotic treatment after consulting oral surgeon.

3 yr old has quarter sized lump behind right ear red and swollen what could this be?

Probably tachypneic, which is excessively rapid respiration.

A pieceof iron fell on my finger and it is swollen and painful with a red lump at the bottom. What is this?

It is most likely a hematoma, i.e. a small pool of blood due to broken capillary vessels. Hematomas in tissues can cause swelling and pain. It will generally resolve as ecchymosis (or black & blue ... Read More »