Swollen nipples (teen girl)?

Answer This is normal for some girls, especially if you wear tight, stretchy material for shirts or if your bra is too tight or not supporting your breast. Here's some things you could do to help this:-we... Read More »

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Is it normal for a teen girl to have weird bits on their nipples?

Like little tiny bumps almost? Yeah that should be fine.Haha you made me take out my nips and inspect them lol

Are sore and swollen nipples just a sign of PMS?

Answer That can be sign of pregnancy or PMS. All women are different.

Could it be a sign of pregnancy if you normally get swollen breasts during ovulation but this month you are experiencing soreness of the nipples especially on the right side?

Answer if you normally have swollen breasts then it could simply be that they are just slighty worse this month, although this is a common sign that you could be pregnant if you are unsure then you... Read More »

How long do you cramp in the beginning of your pregnancy and is it normal for your nipples to feel swollen sore and burning if its not PMS at only being 2 and a half weeks pregnant?

Answer Not all women cramp, if it is lasting for a long time and isn't getting better, you should see a doctor. The other symptoms are normal for pregnancy.