Swollen lymph nodes!! Need advice!!:(?

Answer You prb had a infection in the past and it settled there,,I have some too many years after my infection

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Swollen lymph nodes in neck and ear, swollen left upper rib cage.?

I agree with your Doctor. Swelling of lymph nodes is extremely common in colds and viruses. I would give it several weeks before you get to worried. Especially since the swollen nodes are accompani... Read More »

Why are all my lymph nodes swollen?

It could be puberty but most likely you are developing a serious condition. my advice is to not listen to anybody on the internet and go to a doctor immediately. seriously it could be really bad, o... Read More »

Swollen Lymph nodes Lymphoma?

Ok, - deep breath. I understand you're worried - everyone get's worried when they've found a lump, and I'm really really glad you're sensible enough to go to your doctor. First off, the doctor's ri... Read More »

Swollen lymph nodes in neck...TMJ?

I have also had swollen lymph nodes through out my body for years. With pain in my back, neck, shoulders and stomach area. Had them checked up and the blood test came back fine. Still could be canc... Read More »