Swollen leg from bug bite?

Answer Biting insects are usually after eating. To allow blood to flow easily, they pass sbstances that prevent the blood from clotting in the area around the bite. It is the chemical and proteins that t... Read More »

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Foot swollen from ant bite?

Ice, trust me, it helps. It's going to heal with time but because you keep scratching it it's going to prolong the healing but ice helps.

My whole hand is swollen and sore from a mosquito bite.?

It sounds like you might have had an odd allergic reaction to the mosquito bite. Mosquitoes do not bite just one animal or person and so you might have pick up a allergen from creature that you are... Read More »

Bug bite = Swollen Eye?

i can explain it - the swelling is caused by his body reacting to the bite.and he does sound sensitive - his body is releasing histamines to fight the insect "stuff."that can cause swelling - a li... Read More »

Mosquito bite but it burns and its big and swollen and red. help?

Why do mosquito bites Itch?A mosquito bite itches because when a female mosquito (males eat nectar) bites you, she injects protein and enzymes meant to numb the skin and to make your blood flow mor... Read More »