Swollen finger from a cut, what should i do?

Answer If it's swollen from a cut it is probably infected so you should clean it out very well and put a couple band-aids over it.

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What should I do for my daughter's bruised, swollen finger?

Even if the finger is broken, there's not much a doctor could or would do about it-- a small child's fingers are so maluable and heal so well, a cast isn't necessary. Put some crushed ice in a pla... Read More »

Why does my finger get swollen when I get a little tiny scratch from a cat?

Congratulations you're allergic to cats. You can go to the doctor and take a very painful expensive test to make sure but I can tell you what they do. they scratch (usually your back) with the alle... Read More »

How to remove too small ring from the finger It is swollen and inflammations started?

Wait for sometime for the swelling to subside... Then wash your hand with warm water. This will have two effects:a. Expand the ring slightly.b. Moisturize the skin making it kind of stretchy.Use so... Read More »

Do you know a good way to remove a ring from a painfully swollen finger ?

get a bit string put 1 end thro the ring and wrap the rest down to the end of the finger,then the bit you put thro the ring start to unwind it and the ring will start to slide over the string till ... Read More »