Swollen face and two black eyes...?

Answer Sounds like you may have broken your nose. Two black eyes are a common result of a broken nose. You need to see your doctor.

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What is it when a foot gets very swollen and toes turn black and the foot is very swollen and black and blue?

It could be gangrene. Take her to the doctor/hospital immediately!!!!! My grandfather lost his leg after one of his toes turned black.

I hit my face it is now swollen how do i reduce the swollen?

Face skin moisturized / collagen activator to reduce around eyes wrinkles and all the face,?

for the eye area this is what I've used for the last 4 yrs Extreme Eye Rescue. It's by Isabellla Pelle. Though don't know what you mean by goo.

How to Reduce Swollen Eyes?

Puffy, swollen eyes can be very unattractive, no matter what the cause. Some women just try to mask this swelling with expensive make-up, often to no avail. Your best bet is to alleviate what is ca... Read More »