Swollen ear piercing! help!?

Answer because your piercing is infected and when you take your piercing out the bacterial goes inside the hole, go see a doctor if the swelling does not go down in a few hours! :( mine got infected too b... Read More »

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Swollen Ear from piercing!! Help!!!!!?

Well, any swelling is very slight, because it is not obvious in those pictures. You may have a keloid there, though if so, we really can't see it. Get someone there to look at it and see what she... Read More »

Infected swollen ear piercing! please help?

never get it done at claires. they use a gun and i used a gun when i first got my cartilage done and i was stupid. i bet your cartilage is broke hun because with a gun it pushes the tissues aside a... Read More »

Swollen ear piercing?

You need not take them out. You waite for one more day to see whether it is due to allergy. Most likely it may not be . Because your earlier piercing is OK. It is due to your hitting of ears.

Fix swollen ear piercing?

Don't take the earrings out, or you won't be able to put them back in. It's not that the hole would close that fast, it's that if it's swollen, you aren't going to be able to find the hole in the b... Read More »