Swollen Vain in my hand help!!?

Answer Use pain killer to cure the pain!Good luck!

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Serious question. my left hand, little pinky is swollen--taking advil to keep it from getting out of hand...?

Sounds like you might need an x-ray diagnosis & treatment.Funny, when I read the question on its surface, I thought it was a play on words....finger hurts...taking Advil to keep it from getting, "O... Read More »

My hand is bruised and swollen....?

The cold pack is good. Apply it off and on during the day. An ace wrap would help to keep the swelling down. Also elevate it as much as you can.

Why the swollen thumb and hand?

I would take him to a different hospital! My boyfriend had something similar. He developed the red line and it started going up his arm. I took him to the ER (after a lot of persuading) and they... Read More »

I was stung by a yellow jacket and now my hand is very swollen!?

either call your doctor, call an Emergency room...or go to one! Better to be safe! And can prob take more than one dose of benadryl