Swimming, period, no tampons?

Answer no you cannot wear a panty liner. That would be kinda yucky, ppl don't like it when you pee in the pool they r not going to like your blood in the pool. Either wear a tampon, or don't go swimming... Read More »

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GIRLS ONLY!! What do you where during the night, when you have your period, tampons or pads?

i'm actually leaving to hawaii on sunday and lucky me, i got my period. shouldn't prevent you of having any fun. you can try tampons, if you wanna get in the water. or you can find altern... Read More »

My 11 yr. old just started her period. Should she start out with pads or tampons( Dad wants to know)?

Let her decide. Tell her she can try pads or tampons. Tell her how to use both, and let her try it herself, but do explain the dangers of tampons, too, and how to correctly insert them and the prop... Read More »

Can you go swimming while you're on your period?

How do i go swimming if im having my period?

You could use tampons. Or you can just run straight into the water, your period will stop temporarily. Some girls do that at my school when they don't want to use tampons and are forced to swim for... Read More »