Swimming Pools Spell Summer Fun?

Answer Black Lace elderberry (Sambucus nigra "Black Lace") is a highly ornamental landscape shrub. Black Lace blooms in large pink flowers against dark purple foliage. Its lacy foliage is reminiscent of t... Read More »

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What can be done to eliminate skin rashes from swimming in bromine pools if you do not have a reaction in chlorine pools?

I have a major problem with bromine and get a horrible rash when I swim with it. The only thing that sort of works is to use a barrier cream (basically something that people use when they work with... Read More »

Are swimming pools tax deductible?

Swimming pools are typically not tax deductible, according to Kiplinger, but they can be under certain circumstances. One man with emphysema won a court case because he used his swimming pool to im... Read More »

Do snakes get in swimming pools?

Answer YES , I get about three snakes a year in our swimming pool . Our pool is completely screen enclosed , but they still get in .

How are swimming pools used?

Answer Swimming pools are used for recreation. Answer They are used for swimming in.