Swimmers ear!! Sorry about the category?

Answer The only way to make sure is to have a qualified health person look in the canal. Acute swimmers ear is fairly painful, or at least quite bothersome.

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How can I earn money online! Wrong category i know sorry ^^?

There are several ways you can look into to find out if a company you are looking into is a scam or not. But the best way is mcDonald.I mean everyone trusts mcDonalds.!.!!' They won't rip you off a... Read More »

OK, sorry another questio about painting! this time, its about what colour to paint a kids bedroom!?

use a light colour to make the room look bigger pale yellow or pale green

Question about dirty toliet(sorry but i need to ask!)?

From your description it sounds like limescale, bleach will not remove this it will only make it whiter, try putting a tin of COKE down the toilet and leave overnight. I picked this tip up many yea... Read More »

I am travelling to turkey in april what kind of travel insurance do i need does it fall in the european category or worlwide category?

A typical renter's insurance policy in WI can be expected to be between $100 and $200 per year. From there, the exact cost will depend on a multitude of variables, such as the total size of the pol... Read More »