Swelling in my left butt cheek?

Answer Through your scratching, this has caused a chaffing and friction while walking...Try some baby powder or talc. Keep the area dry, no moisture.

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Cheek swelling wisdom teeth removal?

Could be a piece of the tooth left behind, growing in the new tissue, or bad hygiene. Apply ice and if it does not go away in a couple days, have your dentist check it out.

What causes swelling and bruising of the cheek after a molar is filled?

Answer Hello I am a Certified Dental Assitant for almost 10 years.The answer to your question depends on a two things;1 This can happen from the doctor/assistants pulling on your cheek. Some peopl... Read More »

If your boyfriend wiped a tiny bit of semen on the outside of your butt cheek could you still be pregnant without having sex and whilst wearing underwear?

Was he wearing a condom?Do you take the pill? If the answer to these 2 questions is NO... Then more than likely he also left some semen IN you,so your just asking to get pregnant.I don't know how o... Read More »

I have one dimple on my left cheek. Is this attractive?

I would love to have one dimple, I personally think it's really cute:)