Sweet Olive Shrub Not Blooming?

Answer It can be disappointing to have a sweet olive shrub (Osmanthus fragrans) in your garden that doesn't bloom. The blossoms are the best part of growing it. Fragrant and white, they add both light and... Read More »

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Autumn Olive Shrub?

The autumn olive, a shrub native to Asia that came to North America as an ornamental plant during the 19th century, can easily overpower botanical ecosystems, according to the University of Maine C... Read More »

What is sweet shrub?

Though sweet shrub is the name used to refer to any of the species in the Calycanthus genus, it is most commonly a name used for the species Calycanthus floridus. This species has several cultivar... Read More »

Is sweet oil the same as olive oil?

Sweet oil is olive oil that has no odor or color and is sold in the pharmacy or make- up sections of the grocery store. It does not have the same flavor as extra virgin olive oil but they both come... Read More »

When Do Sweet Olive Shrubs Bloom?

A sweet olive or sweet osmanthus shrub (Osmanthus fragrans) looks quite mundane: tapering oval leaves that are dark green and a shrub silhouette that is dense and an upright oval. The flowers are t... Read More »