Sweet Martini Drinks?

Answer Sweet martini drinks are the revised way to serve up a vodka-based drink beyond adding a splash of dry vermouth and an olive or two. Sweet martinis use the vodka as the base, and from there use an ... Read More »

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List of Martini Drinks?

Martini connoisseurs often argue there is only one "true" martini, gin and dry vermouth. The "martini" tag has now been adopted to describe a range of cocktails, with many twists and variations on ... Read More »

Sweet Rum Drinks?

Rum conjures up images of peg-legged pirates drinking and plundering their way around the Caribbean. However, you don't have to be a swashbuckler or even a sailor to enjoy a more sophisticated rum ... Read More »

What makes "No Sugar"Drinks sweet?

Sweeteners like Aspartame or Sucralose.Artificial sweeteners have many claimed side effects, and some people argue that the full fat versions with sugar are healthier. However others would argue th... Read More »

I need a list of sweet or fruity drinks!?

Well, I really like Mikes Hard Lemonades. They come in many different flavors. If you go to like a Dierbergs, they have a variety pack. Those are sweet. I also like wine. Go with Rieslings or Masc... Read More »