Sway Bar Problems?

Answer Sway bars are torsion springs used to resist body roll movements. They consist of a U-shaped tube steel connected to the body at two points, the left and the right faces of the suspension. In an au... Read More »

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How to Diagnose Front Sway Bar Problems?

A sway bar, also referred to as an anti-roll bar, is a length of tubular metal that is bolted to both ends of the front suspension. Many cars also use a rear sway bar. When the car is driven around... Read More »

DIY Sway Bar?

A sway bar is a simple but critical device that contributes greatly to a vehicle's handling and stability. The bar is a rigid, cylindrical length of metal bolted to the suspension on either side. D... Read More »

DIY: Unlocking Sway Bar?

The sway bar on a vehicle keeps the front axle from moving in a way that might cause damage. There are certain situations in which you might choose to remove the sway bar, such as driving off-road.... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a Sway Bar?

Sway bars connect the suspension on the right and left side of a vehicle. Some cars have only a front sway bar, some have bars at the front and the back, and others don’t have sway bars at all. W... Read More »