Sway Bar Bushing Location in a 2005 Cobalt?

Answer The front stabilizer bar on the 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt creates a physical link between the left and right lower control arms. The stabilizer bar is bolted to each control arm and helps to limit move... Read More »

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What Is a Sway Bar Bushing?

Sway bars are an essential component in the handling of a race car on track. The technology and design of sway bars and the bushings that connect them play a pivotal role in competition. Roush ra... Read More »

Sway Bar Bushing Symptoms?

The main function of a sway bar is to tie the two sides of the vehicle's suspension together, thereby preventing the vehicle from swaying back and forth while turning. The sway bar connects to the ... Read More »

How to Install Sway Bar Bushing?

The sway bar on your vehicles connects the left side of your front suspension to the right side. Also known as an anti-roll bar, the sway bar applies torsion to the suspension and helps it maintain... Read More »

Instructions for the Replacement of an Inner Sway Bar Bushing?

A sway bar is used to control the degree of body roll in high-speed turns. The thickness of the sway bar determines the amount of resistance to roll; however, it has a direct affect on the steering... Read More »