Swallowed the tip of something sharp?

Answer You appear to be okay so far but not knowing what the tip was from or how sharp it was makes it hard to say whether you will be okay in the future. Even how big it was makes a difference. Some t... Read More »

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I likely swallowed little, sharp pieces of metal from my toothbrush, would they get dissolved in my stomach?

If you did ingest any metal, which is at this point only a hypothetical situation, because you said you are guessing that you did, it was most likely very small. Small enough to go unnoticed at any... Read More »

I think I might of swallowed something?

Were you snogging the waitress ?? (NO) Then probably a chicken bone , if it still feels like it's stuck down yr throat see a doc.If it IS an earring it will either pass (OK) or stick if it has a ca... Read More »

How Can You Be Sure That Something Is Better Than A Poke In The Eye With A Sharp Stick?

Well, a poke in the eye with a sharp pine needle is pretty bad. A sharp stick is by my experience with pine needle far worse,since its diameter would be wider - it is a stick after all. Therefore, ... Read More »

I have a sharp pain that lasted for 5 seconds then it went what was this is it something serious or not?

final year medical student's opinion .Let me tell straight away your description does not fit that of a tumour. Secondly it is not uncommon to experience short headache if your particularly stresse... Read More »