Swallowed a battery?

Answer I smell a phoney question here. If you did somehow manage to swallow a 9v battery without choking on it -- highly unlikely, BTW -- then your stomach would already be giving you fits. You'd probably... Read More »

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Uhmm .. my cousin swallowed a battery ..?

well he needs to go to the hospital. Batteries have acid in them. he needs to go NOW!

I accidentally swallowed a battery can anyone give me advice?

If what you're saying is true, then you need to go to the Emergency Room immediately, you could be in serious trouble.If you made this up to be funny, then you're an idiot.

I swallowed a....................?

Not to worry. My son did the same and shat it out in a fortnight.

Ok i accidently swallowed....?

Go to the ER, if it gets in your intestines, it can tear it up. My daugter calimed to swollow a rivit of of her belt and when I took her to the ER they got her right back. They said it would have b... Read More »