Swallowed a battery?

Answer I smell a phoney question here. If you did somehow manage to swallow a 9v battery without choking on it -- highly unlikely, BTW -- then your stomach would already be giving you fits. You'd probably... Read More »

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Uhmm .. my cousin swallowed a battery ..?

well he needs to go to the hospital. Batteries have acid in them. he needs to go NOW!

I accidentally swallowed a battery can anyone give me advice?

If what you're saying is true, then you need to go to the Emergency Room immediately, you could be in serious trouble.If you made this up to be funny, then you're an idiot.

I just swallowed my gum, what do I do?

The myth that gum stays in your system for years is false. Your stomach acid breaks the gum down, and it passes through your system just like everything else that you eat. You should be fine, no ... Read More »

You swallowed ink will you die?

It's very unlikley you will die unless you swallow a LOT of ink. However, ink is not good for you.Ink is made from a variety of things that, while great for paper, are bad for the human body. As I'... Read More »