Swallowed A Little Mouthwash?

Answer It's ok! I end up doing that all the time and im fine! Think about it this way, If it was dangerous they wouldn't make you put it so close to your throat or in your mouth. Just as long as you don't... Read More »

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I accidently swallowed my mouthwash. What's going to happen to me?

my sister put mouth wash in my pepsi when I was about 12 (sister's ugg) I took a big swig of it.. yuck.. and swallowed it without realizing (thought they had a new pepsi flavor lol) Till she starte... Read More »

How to Use Mouthwash Properly?

Most people do not use mouth wash properly. This isn't safe, because if you use too much and swallow some by accident, you can be poisoned. Using too little won't do you any good, either.

Can you use bleach as mouthwash?

It's dangerous; don't do it.If you want a mouthwash, use salt water.If you want a homebrew whitener, make a paste with about a tablespoon of baking soda, a few drops of drugstore hydrogen peroxide,... Read More »

Information About Mouthwash?

There are many types of mouthwashes that improve bad breath, fight oral infections and whiten your teeth. The mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria and sometimes, disease. With proper oral care, ... Read More »