Suzuki Swift GTI Specifications?

Answer Suzuki introduced the Swift to the United States in 1989. General Motors also made use of this subcompact, starting in 1989, as they joined forces with Suzuki and placed a Geo Metro badge on the ba... Read More »

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1997 Suzuki Swift Specifications?

The 1997 Suzuki Swift shares much of its makeup with the Geo Metro, which is also a tiny, two-door hatchback vehicle. The Swift comes standard with an engine that comes only as an upgrade in the Me... Read More »

Suzuki Swift GTI Specs?

Japan-based Suzuki first manufactured its Swift GTI model in 1984 for the 1985 model year. This car sported a lightweight, yet powerful engine that earned it a reputation for quickness in the subco... Read More »

Suzuki Swift GTI Turbo Information?

The Suzuki Swift GTi turbo was manufactured by the Suzuki Motor Corporation. It originated as the Cultus model in 1983 for the Japanese domestic market before it was imported to North America as th... Read More »

How to Install an Oxygen Sensor in a Suzuki Swift?

The oxygen sensor in your Suzuki Swift is a device that measures the air and gasoline mix that is coming out of the engine through the exhaust. By monitoring the exhaust, it can tell whether you ar... Read More »